The Scalable Health Initiative Overview

Today, healthcare resembles the computing systems of 1960s. Even for the smallest problems, our current healthcare model harks back to the mainframe years: make an appointment, (physically) visit a professional and rely on expensive, immobile and monolithic test equipment for detailed readings of our health. Tremendous strides in technology have occurred in communications, digital signal processing, sensor and sensor nets, data analytics, and visualization, to name but a few. Yet healthcare lags far behind other industries in the adoption and integration of their use.

Unmet Need For Chronic Diseases

Unfortunately chronic diseases constitute the preponderance of healthcare expenses and thus their management has an enormous impact on the healthcare system, national and global economies. Yet, our tools to address the challenges remain antiquated, resulting in either unsustainably expensive or ineffective care.

Preventive Medicine and Personalized Medicine

Preventive Medicine and Personalized Medicine hold great promise in our future and both can be empowered and accelerated by the use and adoption of technology. Our vision is to develop novel building blocks, which empowers users and medical professionals to predict health problems, proactively employ preventive measures and in the process avoid the bulk of episodes from becoming serious and costly.

News Bytes


May 2015 : CameraVitals team member Mayank Kumar wins a Texas Instruments Graduate Student Fellowship related to his CameraVitals work.

April 2015 : CameraVitals algorithm, DistancePPG, is featured on the home page.

May 2014 : SH Undergraduate Student Hasitha Dharmasiri is awarded the Chevron Scholarship in Engineering.

April 2013 : Rice ECE Senior Design students develop VitaLink, an infant monitoring system via tablets, and win the School of Engineering Undergrad Design Showcase award.


June 2015 : mobileVision is presented at the eHRI Summit.

March 2015 : mobileVision is featured on the Rice website.


December 2012 : mobileSpiro project presented to the US Ambassador to Nigeria.

November 2011 : Former SH Undergraduate Student Peter Chang and team win best demo award and runner-up best paper award at mHealthSys 2011.

Scalable Health Team

May 2015 : SH Undergraduate Student Peter Washington awarded the Rice Engineering Alumni Association Resarch Excellence Award, and the Rice Engineering Alumni Association Senior Merit Award.

February 2014 : SH Graduate Students Rajoshi Biswas and Mayank Kumar win big at the Rice Graduate Student 90-Second Thesis Competition - Rajoshi Biswas, "Best Engineering Presentation", and Mayank Kumar, "Audience Favorite".

Our Projects


A self-use retinal imaging system for eye screening


Robust non-contact vital signs monitoring using a camera


A Contextual Coaching Spirometer for the Masses


A Platform for Measurement of Inhaler-use Behavior


Harnessing Digital Interactions to Understand Mental State

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