? Scalable Health Initiative - MoodScope Project

MoodScope : Harnessing Digital Interactions to Understand Mental State

PROJECT LEAD : Robert LiKamWa, Graduate Student, ECE

Ewa Nowara, Graduate Student, ECE

Dr. Nidal Moukkaddam, Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Ashutosh Sabharwal, Professor, ECE


Harnessing your digital interactions to understand your mental state

THE PROBLEM? Does your Smartphone usage reveal your mood? It turns out it does. moodScope develops accurate personalized mood models based on only one month of training by the user. In fact, the personalized models can predict your mood with more than 90% accuracy.


Current Status

Graduate students and Baylor Collaborators are actively engaging in a targeted population study at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, TX.

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